The Company

Positioned as a top financial consultancy firm, Genome is a UAE-based leading company dedicated to manage your business plans, progress, and profitability. Genome, powered by a team of acknowledged experts, offers you a wide array of services as accounting and systems design, internal audit, technical consultancy, business failure solutions, tax consultancy and forensic accounting. 

At Genome, we bring your ideas and plans into life by adopting scalable, customized solutions and drafting effective strategies and methodologies that are meant to achieve favorable outcomes to your enterprise. “Genome” means the genetic material of an organism, making each of us a unique individual. With Genome, every organization shall distinctively stand out from the crowd by offering our customers not only topnotch services but also a memorable experience.

Passion, commitment and integrity shape the core of our values, guiding us to help firms translate their dreams to reality.

Our Mission:

To support companies, make informed, value-maximizing decisions to benefit their businesses and guide them towards the path of success.

Our Vision:

To be constantly driven by our unwavering commitment, innovation, precision and strive for excellence.

Our Team:

Defined by the distinction of our team, Genome is comprised of renowned financial experts who are powered by innovation and aspiration. With active collaboration, we form an unbreakable team bond that hearten us to address the impossible and achieve the extraordinary.

To ensure great results, we constantly guarantee our working environment is filled with nothing but positivity. At Genome, we all genuinely believe that your problem is ours too; it is our ultimate responsibility to offer you satisfactory, practical and specially-tailored solutions that are meant to advance your business and boost its operations.