Technical consultancy:

Have you sought technical consultancy yet?

Genome helps leaders address industry challenges while guiding firms to innovate, flourish and lead by shaping their successful future. To assess profits or feasibility over its lifecycle, our team of consultants works on preparing the technical and economic studies for your new projects.

Feasibility studies:

Building and expanding organizations require detailed feasibility studies to help leaders make informed, rational decisions that derive benefits for their businesses.

To evaluate the feasibility of a certain project, we conduct such detailed studies to discern the pros and cons of conceiving this project as well as assessing its impact on your business.  What distinguishes us is our information-based and straightforward analytical approach. Through profound research and rigorous analysis, we deliver a realistic feasibility report.

Marketing management:

Turn strangers into loyal customers and promoters!

Owing to the ever-growing and fluctuating business conditions, every business should be guided by a user-focused, well-built marketing strategy.

Whether you are selling a product or offering a service, you need to attract strangers, convert visitors to leads and then manage to transform your loyal customers into the most efficient promoters. This process can be successful once you have a powerful marketing campaign. Understanding your target audience as well as knowing their needs, problems and interests are key to attracting them by offering exactly what they are looking for.

Every strategy is bound to defy the challenges of your business field, help you grow and give you the competitive edge to outperform other companies. From planning and pricing to promoting and distributing, Genome has what it takes to guide you to the top.

Business Reassessment and Partnership shares:

Do you know the market value of your business?

In a world where markets change, grow and evolve on a daily basis, you have got to be aware of your business worth. To know the market value of a business organization, a reassessment should be carried out.

The company’s needs, goals and purposes form the foundation of the partners’ shares reassessment. Driven by comprehensive knowledge and illuminating insight, our experts rely on efficient methods for business reassessment.

In order to evaluate your business across multiple dimensions, Genome holds interviews, undertakes surveys and carries out in-depth analyses to professionally and financially asses your business. Finally, you receive a detailed, thorough report showing the net value of each partner share individually. Only then, you get to know your business market value and professionally act upon it!

Companies services:

Looking forward to launching your business in Dubai? Rest assured! We got you covered!

Launching your business abroad is a tough call. While you get to dream about all the potential, achievements and success; you also overthink the challenges, hurdles and struggles ahead.

With Genome’s administration services, not only could you run a business in Dubai but you get to leave behind the inconvenience of all the required paperwork and the in-between details. From the official registration and issuing the operating license to securing partnerships with global companies, Genome is the one.

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